Considering a move from Calgary to Canmore?

Canmore Has the Mountain Lifestyle You Always Wanted

Imagine, waking up in the morning, looking out your bedroom window and seeing lovely snow-capped mountains in the distance. If you're considering a move from Calgary to Canmore, imagine what would it be like to walk out your front door in the morning, and enjoy a brisk mountain hike or bike ride before heading to work?

If you’re thinking about a move from Calgary to Canmore, we’ve got all the information you need right here to explore your options.

But first, who wouldn’t want a view of the Rocky Mountains every day? That’s just one of the many reasons that so many people are moving to Canmore and making it their home.

Consider the move from Calgary to Canmore

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Did you know?

Canmore is just a short jaunt to Calgary. It’s only 45 minutes west of Calgary on the TransCanada Highway. So, even if your career calling is in Calgary, you can still call the charming locale of Canmore your home. Or, if you’re looking for a complete lifestyle change, there are plenty of career and business opportunities that await.


Canmore is experiencing a period of healthy growth, but the city is taking care to make sure that it offers the convenience and amenities of a bigger city without losing its charm, soul, and commitment to environmental sustainability. The town of Canmore has almost everything the big city has, including a variety of restaurants, cafes, stores, and schools, including a French immersion school.

Speaking of schools, if you have school-aged children, you may have noticed that the schools in Calgary are becoming increasingly crowded. If you’re contemplating a move from Calgary to Canmore, and you have kids, just getting them into a quality school with ample room and individual teacher attention may be more than enough reason to relocate!

Though it appears like a tiny blip on the map, Canmore is not nearly as small as one would think! It features 713 walking trails, making this an extremely walkable city.

Within this relatively narrow plot of land, you’ll find 80 restaurants, ranging from fine dining to family affairs. A new art centre is also in the works, as well as plans for a medical school and satellite campuses for trade and vocational programs.

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Unlike other smallish towns, Canmore isn’t obstructed by mountain passes that can make transportation difficult. Instead, the city is a straight shot one-hour drive to the airport. Don’t be surprised if you decide to take your vacations right at home, though!

With golf courses, world-class skiing, and wellness spas, there’s not much reason to leave!

Living in Canmore vs. Calgary

Canmore has just over 1% of the population of Calgary. The people that have chosen to call Canmore their home are energetic, well-educated, and they enjoy an adventurous lifestyle in which the outdoors plays a main character.

The smaller, more flexible population means a strong sense of community among like-minded individuals. You may see your neighbour grabbing a Starbucks on a weekend morning, or pass them on their daily hike.

The traffic in the community is minimal, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the scenery, and less time in the car!

We know that considering a move from Calgary to Canmore is a tough decision. Calgary is a wonderful city after all. One question to ask yourself is, “when getting away for the weekend, what’s the first place that comes to mind?” Being surrounded by the Rockies in a town that feels like a giant resort is a place many of us would love to be year-round!

Ask yourself this, “would you rather be surrounded by humans at CrossIron on the weekends, or by nature on a trail that’s literally right in your backyard?”

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Another massive advantage Canmore has over Calgary is the prevalence of free and cheap parking. We know you’ve been raked over the coals for years with scarce parking spaces that cost an arm and leg to park in. And yes, that’s the advantage of many small towns, but we feel it’s important to throw it in there. Especially since, by the time you’re ready to park your car, you’re probably ready to have a panic attack from navigating Deerfoot during rush hour.

If you miss hockey, remember, Calgary is only a 45-minute trip away. And yes, there are still hockey programs here in Canmore!

We’ve got to hand it to the residents of Calgary for keeping such a clean city with so many residents! It houses 12 million people, yet Calgary is consistently ranked as one of the world’s cleanest cities. We know that partly it’s the heavy fines associated with littering, but we’d also like to think it’s mostly the respect and love that Calgary residents have for the outdoors and the preservation of nature.

If that sounds like you, you’ll be right at home in Canmore!

Best Place to Live in Canmore

Right now, the best place to live in Canmore is in the Three Sisters Mountain Village. This area has been a hub of planned growth with vibrant communities propping up with homes that are stunningly beautiful, inside and out. This quiet neighbourhood is close to downtown, so you get the advantages of accessing urban comforts without the noise and crowds.

The Courtyard at Stewart Creek is especially serene because it’s at the end of a cul-de-sac. This means you’ll have a relaxing and peaceful home with breathtaking 360-degree views year-round. Take a virtual tour of the townhomes here.

3 sisters - Canmore coffee shops

If you’re thinking about a move from Calgary to Alberta, the time to act is now. Vacancy rates are at all-time low, and once these latest developments are finished, there is proposed legislation to limit future development of the area. This is because much of Canmore has already been designated as a wildlife corridor.

The beauty of this effort is that it allows animals to move freely throughout nature, find food, safely give birth, escape from predators, and have a place to call their home.

If you’re looking for a new home, we invite you to take a look at the newest community being built in the Three Sisters Mountain Village. Click here to download more information.

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  1. I am planning this move as soon as I retire as I would like to live in a city which is a lot more peaceful than the capital. I have heard the city determines how happy you are with it.

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