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Winter in Canmore is a magical time of year and not only for the mounds of white settling steadily on this quiet area of the Bow Valley. The snowflakes coat the Canadian Rockies like the fluffy meringue on a sweet Flapper pie. For the adventurous among you, Canmore Winter activities are a dime a dozen, especially on the organized Canmore tours front.

Winter in Canmore

The winter months are simply beautiful in this part of the world. The Chinook occasionally sends its almost-balmy winds in the direction of this mountain town and temperatures average -12 degrees Celsius for the season.

Winter in Canmore is absolutely wonderful for snow-filled escapades and nights by the fire.

There is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Canmore, from family-friendly activities to adrenaline-pumping feats only the brave few would attempt.Visitors come from all over the country (and the globe) to experience the scenic trails, the sublime ski slopes and the frozen waterfalls dotting the region.

It is a time of celebration in Canmore, especially its beautiful vistas and the majesty of the natural world. The Canmore Winter Carnival, for example, runs through the second half of February and brings with it a wagonload of festivities, marvellous ice-carving competitions, a plethora of winter sports, family fun and captivating musical and dramatic performances.

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Canmore Winter Tours

The variety of Canmore tours available in winter is staggering. Here are Canmore tours worth considering the next time you are in town.

Cool Ice Walks

A two-hour walk suitable for anyone older than 8 years old, this manageable tour with Kananaskis Outfitters comes highly recommended. Dig in the microspikes at the Kananaskis Village and stroll into an ancient world of ice. Tours cost between $46 - $85. Click here for ice walk information.

It is also possible to explore Grotto Canyon with Discover Banff Tours. Adult tour prices cost $76. Children from 8-13 years old cost $44. Their Johnston Canyon Ice Walk is popular, and the evening option makes for superb star-gazing. Book ahead of time to ensure suitable conditions.

Under the Grotto

The network underneath Grotto Canyon is extensive and fascinating. Why not book a guided tour of the caves with Canmore Cave Tours. Packages include vertical and horizontal caving courses, various tours and solitude. Visitors will be happy to know the caves stay at 5 degrees Celsius all year round.

Finding Your Marbles

snowshoe - Spring in Canmore

There’s something intensely satisfying about gliding across the ice packs on snowshoes made for just the occasion. If harmonious walks through beautiful winter locations are for you, try snowshoeing through the Kananaskis Valley. It is one of the best ways to appreciate its rich history. Prices range from $1-$75.

Discover Banff Tours offers snowshoeing to Marble Canyon. You will saunter past a 40-meter drop into the gorge below. Tours are $44 to $76. Click here for the Marble Canyon tour.

A Fat Surprise

The latest craze does seem impossible at first, but fat biking is a thing now, and you need to try it. Bring sunglasses and hop on the low-geared, 4.8″ tired fat bike as you pedal out to conquer the snowy trails and find a mysteriously frozen waterfall. The two-hour ride includes a guide, hot chocolate and equipment. The tour costs $89 per person. Find out more here.


Dog sledding is wildly entertaining. Mad Dogs and Englishmen Sled Dog Expeditions is a family-owned enterprise passionate about sledding. They even offer multi-day packages for more serious sledders.

Alternatively, jump on board at Snowy Owl Dog Sledding Tours. The company is serious about its sled dog welfare programme, so it all goes to a great cause. Email leaddog@snowyowltours.com for tour and pricing information.

Where’s Wally the Mountain Goat?

Your guess is as good as ours, but the best chance to spot bighorn sheep, grizzly bears, black bears and mountain goats is to climb aboard a heli-adventure by Alpine Helicopters. Packages range in duration, with the shortest trip being 12 minutes and the longest lasting 45 minutes.

Check availability and pricing online or call the office at 403-678-4802.

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Real Green Soap

Sometimes a different perspective goes a long way in changing a life. For an eye-opening look into the 100% natural products made at the Rocky Mountain Soap Co., take a tour of the facility. Prices are between $5 and $25, depending on the tour selected. Tours run for an hour and fifteen minutes. Click here for a soap production tour.

Keeping Toasty

After a day of snowmobiles and ice fishing, the Wildlife Distillery tour is a fantastic option for indoor entertainment in a warm, festive location. The tours and special events keep patrons toasty all winter long, and the company prides itself in providing tour attendees with educational resources too.

If you’re looking for a new home in Canmore, we invite you to take a look at the newest community being built in the Three Sisters Mountain Village. Click here to download more information.

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