Spring in Canmore

Canmore is filled with people who exude a zest for life.

The town welcomes young and old to the party, from professional Olympic athletes taking advantage of the slopes six to seven months of the year to families and friends enjoying the sights and sounds of the gorgeous Bow Valley.

The Courtyard at Stewart Creek is not only an excellent basecamp for the winter sports action when the deep chill is still attracting crowds to the mountains, but it is also great for the gorgeous spring days before we get into the summer fun.

Canmore - Spring in Canmore

Canmore Spring Weather

Canmore itself is perfectly situated for easy access to indoor and outdoor activities all year long. Winter tends to stay around much longer compared to down south. Spring weather is unpredictable in both its arrival and its resilience to the Chinook winds, which can bring icy conditions back in a hurry. Pitched at the warmer end of Hardiness Zone 2, Canmore gardeners know the last frost days only officially end in June up here in alpine paradise.

Canmore - Spring in Canmore

If you’re lucky, early spring sometimes arrives early in April, but the snowfall is still high and white covers the landscape for a few more months until the summer sun melts it down into the water catchments.

Average temperatures between March and June are from about 5 - 20 degrees Celsius, with perceived temperatures a little lower than this thanks to the Chinooks. Canmore’s humidity is at its lowest in April, which when combined with relatively lower temperatures make it rather cold all through spring.

Dress for success with thick socks, a warm head and layers of clothing underneath proper wind protective gear. Locals like to tuck their jeans right into their snow boots to avoid getting drenched. They also carry an extra pair of socks with them when they need to cross through icy rivers during their hiking adventures.

Canmore Spring Activities

Obviously, with high snowfalls still possible, skiing and snowboarding are still wildly popular during the spring. Hiking, mountain biking and trail running, for example, are weather-dependent and some elevated trails may not be accessible. Lower in the valley, trails start to open up, and ice walking is replaced by rugged hikes and melting waterfalls, beginning to flow under rays of sunshine.

There is so much to do besides ski.

1. Hiking and Climbing

Grassi Lakes is a moderate hike that takes about forty minutes and leads up to sparkling emerald lakes and a gorgeous view of a waterfall along the way. The trail is only 3.2 kilometres long, family-friendly and filled with amazing views of Mount Lawrence Grassi and Mount Rundle.

Ha Ling Peak is a challenging hike up that requires an 800-meter ascent and a bit of stamina. The views of Canmore and the rest of the Bow Valley are worth it.

2. Exploring the Trails

If all you want is a couple of hours of stunning cross-country skiing or exploring the hiking trails, pop across to the Canmore Nordic Centre just five minutes out of town. There are 65 kilometres of trails there just waiting to be explored, and most of it is still good to ski, snowmobile, fat bike, snowshoe, hike and sled during the spring.

Check with the centre if you aren’t sure about how the ever-changing weather conditions have affected the trails.

snowshoe - Spring in Canmore

Read more on the Canmore Nordic Centre on our blog here.

3. Enter the Rat’s Nest

Canmore Cave Tours offers caving adventures at Grotto Mountain all year-round. The caves stay at 5 degrees Celsius year-round, so even when the wind is biting outside, tours underneath are always pleasant. It is a natural history experience and a memorable adventure rolled into one.

Read about other great Canmore tours here.

4. Stroll Downtown

Downtown Canmore - Spring in Canmore

Elevation Place is considered Canmore’s indoor playground. It is an excellent choice of activity when the spring weather is uncooperative. Climb, swim, soak, work out, read, rest and get creative, all while looking out at Canmore’s Three Sisters.

You may not want to venture outside ever again, but when you do, the superb shopping, dining and spa experiences in downtown Canmore are waiting.

Canmore Spring Events

When the snow starts to melt and the blooms pop up to say hello to the off-season, the locals know it is time for a bit of celebration in the mountains. At the end of the April, excitement hits an all-time high as Canmore Uncorked pops into town. This food and drink festival has foodies clambering for a place at the creative and inspiring tables that show up every year.

Canmore is already proud of its resident distilling geniuses, but Canmore Uncorked truly brings out the best of the best in the craft brewing industry.

If you’re looking for a new home in Canmore, we invite you to take a look at the newest community being built in the Three Sisters Mountain Village. Click here to download more information.

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