Top 10 Energy Saving Tips

At The Courtyard at Stewart Creek, natural beauty surrounds us in all directions. When designing our homes, we wanted to not only reflect the nature found here in Canmore but respect and preserve it as well. That’s why every single property we build is certified Built Green. This certification means that your new home is already packed with built-in green features, saving you money and decreasing your environmental impact. Read more on Built Green homes here.

To go one step further, we’ve compiled a list of ten of our favourite energy saving tips for you below.

1. Always turn off your lights.

This energy saving step may seem obvious, but all the same, turning off all lights when they aren’t absolutely necessary can do much more than you imagine for the environment – as well as your wallet. Try using natural light whenever and wherever possible to further reduce your reliance on artificial lighting.

lamp - energy saving tips

2. Use your water mindfully.

Water waste is a huge area for energy-saving opportunities, and even little things can save you big yearly. For instance, turning the water faucet off while brushing your teeth, shaving, and doing other routine grooming tasks can really add up, as can taking slightly shorter showers. In addition, if you ever notice a leak in a faucet, don’t delay in getting it fixed. You’d be surprised how much water can go to waste, even at a trickle.

3. Keep your refrigerator and freezer at their ideal temperatures.

Keeping your cooling appliances at the proper temperature ensures that they don’t have to work as hard, saving you money and helping ease their environmental impact. For the fridge, between 2°C and 3°C is best, and your freezer should sit right at -18°C under normal circumstances.

4. Get smart about your laundry.

washing machine - energy saving tips

Simple laundry hacks like tossing a towel in the dryer with your clothing can significantly speed up drying times, reducing energy usage in the process. Aside from this, ensure that each load of laundry is a full one to maximize your overall efficiency. Even better, if you can hang your clothes out to dry even one time per week, you’ll make a noticeable impact on your bill.

5. Upgrade to a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats are all the rage, and for good reason; not only can you control them from a mobile device, they can also be set to run on an energy saving custom schedule, allowing you to have the AC on only when it’s absolutely necessary. These savings can seriously add up over time, so we feel that this is an investment well worth the asking price.

6. Turn your computer off when not in use (especially if it’s a desktop).

laptop - energy saving tips

Computers use a considerable amount of power when plugged in, so be sure that your laptops and desktops are turned completely off – not just in sleep mode – when not in use. This can apply to cell phones, tablets, and other electronic accessories as well. As a rule of thumb, if it doesn’t need to be charged, unplug it.

7. Don’t forget to change your air filters regularly.

Air filters get clogged faster than you think, especially if you have pets in your home. Be sure to be vigilant about changing them, as a dirty filter causes your entire HVAC system to work harder than it needs to when heating or cooling your home.

8. Don’t use heat-dry with your dishwasher to save big on energy.

This setting can significantly increase your bill over time. If you do a load of dishes a day or more, opting out of heat-dry can make a significant impact on your energy consumption. Your dishes will still dry, and you’ll be saving money automatically.

9. Use your microwave whenever possible.

We get it, some things simply require a stove. But the microwave is incredibly versatile, and costs a fraction of what cooking in the oven does. Be sure to use it whenever you have the chance. When you do need to cook with your oven, resist the urge to peek. Opening it up to check on food lowers the temperature considerably, costing you time and money in the process.

oven - energy saving tips

10. Turn off bathroom and kitchen ventilation as soon as you’re done with them.

While they serve a very important purpose, these fans actually replace inside air with outside air, which then needs to be treated by your AC system. For maximum efficiency, run these fixtures only when they are absolutely necessary, and never leave them on while away from your home or while sleeping.

Between these energy saving tips and the ecologically-friendly features of the Built Green homes, residents at The Courtyard can enjoy saving money while also reducing their impact on the environment.

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